With Humble Gratitude...

We believed that God directs and blesses the efforts of this ministry, opening doors, showing pathways and bringing people together at the right time. 

“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’” 
(Matthew 25:40)

With the generous contributions of money, time, energy and love, Agape Families is transforming the lives of neglected children, as Jesus calls us to do.  Please read "Jamal's" story below, and from all of us at Agape Families, with full hearts, we thank you in advance for your generosity of time, talents or funds! 

~~ Krista Shepard Davis,
Founder/President, Agape Families

Donations Matter, "Jamal's" Story:
Eight-year-old "Jamal" came to us from an abusive situation, which included being hit in the head with a shovel, and beaten routinely with a belt. His favorite pastime had been watching horror movies. He had nightmares frequently and wet the bed nightly. He did not know how to hug. On the evening of his arrival, he thought it very strange that we all sat down at the table together to eat. He announced that we resembled headless people propped at a table -- a picture he had  seen in a movie. After eight short months with Agape Families, 'Jamal' was placed with a caring relative. His new pastimes include: morning hugs, bedtime prayers, sleeping all night in a dry bed, reading, swimming, and studying insects...
Current Needs for the Agape House:

  • Complete the city sewer connection for the home
  • Maintain or replace the home's aging van
  • Provide essentials for clothing bundles for Kingdom's Kloset such as IPS uniforms 
  • Familiy Memberships to the Indianapolis Zoo, Children's Museum, Monon Center in Carmel
  • Gift Cards for movies/restaurants
The Indianapolis Star
Krista Shepard Davis, Agape Families

"The first few days after receiving a foster child from the Department of Children’s Services are stressful, to say the least. These abused, neglected and emotionally damaged children are a precious unknown. Their past, and all of the repercussions, are yet to be seen and dealt with. 

I bring them to my home, sometimes from the Guardian’s Home, and sometimes from another foster family. Others are freshly removed from their own homes, siblings, mommies and all that they know of life. One particularly troubled child was even “exchanged” at a gas station, at the request of the previous foster mother. Often they bring no possessions..."
Agape Families, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by federal law.
Donations can be mailed to:
Agape Families
c/o Safe Families for Children
7168 Graham Road
Indianapolis, IN 46250